Removing spontaneously appearing blue left border in embedded text

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to get rid of a blue left margin line that spontaneously appeared in embedded text. To my recollection, I made no changes in any settings. I am using the Minimal Theme, but the line persists in the default theme as well.

The line does not show up on the iPad, only on Mac.

Things I have tried

I have updated Obsidian and all plugins.
I have switched to several other themes, all with to no effect.
I have created a CSS snippet

body {
  --embed-border-left: transparent;

activated it, closed Obsidian and reopened it. No change.

Any help greatly appreciated.

I replied once, but missed the “embedded” part, sorry.

That line has always been there as far as I remember. Maybe Minimal theme got rid of it, but something in the CSS changed?

A snippet that works for me. I notice I can use .inline-embed, .markdown-embed, OR .internal-embed, but if I try and include 2 or all 3, it doesn’t work. I’m not strong enough in CSS to know why. .internal-embed .markdown-embed { doesn’t work for me. But one at a time does work:

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The custom variable / property for the left embed border changed starting from Obsidian v1.6+. I bumped into this the other day as well. That’s why your above snippet is working on the iPad (not updated to v1.6 yet) but not on the mac.

You could use this for now, and once mobile Obsidian is updated, the --embed-border-left can be removed.

body {
    --embed-border-left: transparent; /* pre v1.6 variable */
    --embed-border-start: transparent; /* v1.6+ variable */

rigmarole’s suggestion is good as well.

// moved to custom CSS

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