Removing obsidian's huge UI bars while split screen PDF and markdown note

I do use PDFs a lot, programming, lectures, research papers, books. We All know that PDF is the universal format and widely used in every industry. To the point obsidian has a dedicated PDF viewer.

I’m asking for help because I know I’m not alone here who use/read PDF and transcribe its content into markdown notes.

Enough rambling. I want to split two tabs (up/down or left/right) without the clutter of obsidian’s huge UI. some sort of Zen mode like for PDF and notes in split screen.

See this? these Huge Titlebar[1] and Sidebar[2] + the clunky space under the titlebar? it eat 20% of the whole space.

I wants it to be like this

Not specific to viewing PDFs, but you could have a look at the Hider plugin. It’s got a bunch of options for hiding different parts of the Obsidian UI.

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Perfect. this solved my Tabs and sidebar problem. the only thing left is the huge space under the tabs and above PDF controllers which I solved by editing the plugin by adding option to nuke it too.

Thank you very much.

This is what it look like after.
And obsidian is now my go to PDF reader too :slight_smile:

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