Removing Extra Paragraph Marks

What I’m trying to do

I’m copy/pasting text into Obsidian from another app and there are tons of extra paragraph marks are tedious to take out manually. I would like to find/replace them in Obsidian.

Things I have tried

In other apps I’m able to find paragraph marks using \n or copying the invisible symbol or ^p in some cases. I’ve looked through Obsidian help, but the few posts about it, have answers that don’t seem to address this directly. Is it possible or enter a paragraph mark in the “find” field or do I need to do this in another app and then copy that text over? Would be nice to just do it in Obsidian.

Copy - pasting from websites doesn’t work well, use browser extensions like markdownload, additionally use the plgin Linter to remove some extra characters

Thanks, but I’m not copying from websites. I’ve had to OCR some docs and because of a few reasons including images, the output contains a lot of broken sentences. I can fix this in other apps, but would like to do it directly in Obsidian w/ Find/Replace if possible.

Oh, i see ocr is another story. Try to use modern ocr apps, older ones take a lot more time and aren’t that good in detecting languages. Did you scan automatically and revise manually to exclude superfluous strings?

Just asking, as ocr prints all kind of crazy characters. To sanitize your files you’ll need to use a mass-find-and-replace tool. Try the plugin global Search and replace.

I’m using Devonthink, which is pretty good, but the source material isn’t well designed. I guess I can just do it in another app and bring it back over, just another step which is annoying since there is a find/replace in Obsidian. Maybe there’s a way, or will be eventually.

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