Removing backticks from a selection

What I’m trying to do

Basically, I am using a markdown web clipper to get some articles off the web into my vault. But the code on that website is formatted in a very peculiar way, such that every string/word of the code is enclosed in separate opening and closing back-ticks.

For eg. instead of a simple int c = 10;, it is formatted is int c = 10 ;

This is very annoying, and manually removing all the backticks from a big code block is taking a lot of time.

Is there any way to just select a text-block, then remove all the backticks inside it, so that I can simply enclose them in a big code block of triple backticks like

int c= 10;

Things I have tried

Searched the community plugins page, but could not find anything for this.

Here is one way to solve this:

  1. Write and test a javascript procedure that can process the file.
  2. Create a Templater template that calls the script and replaces the file contents with the result.

This plugin will help.

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