Remove old preview mode from embedded notes

I find quite annoying the fact that when using embedded notes, i.e. ![[Note]], the content of the note is shown with a different format, which is the one of the old preview mode.

So for example, in the live preview mode i have the freedom to place bulletlists/checklists, multiple consecutive empty lines, multiple consecutive spaces, etc as i want and they will be shown as they were thought of.

However when embedding the note, because it is shown with the old preview mode, many formatting choices are invalidated, inconvenient spaces appear where they shouldn’t, etc

Any solution?

It’s not the old preview mode, it’s showing the rendered or Reading view of the note. If you switch to Reading view in your main/source note, it will look the same as the embed.

Here are two good links on Markdown to review:

Markdown Resources

Yes, sorry if I didn’t explain myself well. I know there are certain standard rules according to which the markdown file is shown. What I’m trying to do is to view the embedded notes as i formatted them in the edit view / live preview mode instead of the reading view, and not the way around.

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