Remove internal link (Add->Toggle Internal Link Command)

Removing links isn’t as easy as adding links right now.
What if we could remove links by using a Mouse modifier - ie Alt+CLick on link removes the link — If it is a wikilink or hyperlink with text embed, it changes to text,(ie the Brackets and the http link are removed)
eg, money-market

After Alt clicked → It turns into


Mouse click is faster
but, for editor, can I suggest also to have Ctrl/Cmd Shift K,
with respect to Ctrl/Cmd K (adding link)?


Hi, I would really like to select the text, and the right click to remove links. Yes, all should be keyboard shortcuts since that is normal behaviour for computers.
But I would settle for the functionality just being available from a menu drop down, after selecting text on mass.

I do no know java, but surely this can be done as a boolean operation to select the “[[” and “]]” pairs and then remove them and not the other text.

I am doing this outside of obsidian to remove

Makes PERFECT sense. And while we’re at it: Maybe also have an option to “remove all links” from a note. Soe texts I find on the web are a linked mess and in many cases, I don’t at all need the links.

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I believe this is the plugin you are looking for: Text Format

I find it useful in many ways but the command that comes to mind is “Remove WikiLinks format in selection”. Give it a keyboard shortcut, and combine it with select all (⌘A), and I believe you have the functionality you are after.

I had seen this plugin a while back but didn’t really look closely enough to realise its capabilities.

THANK YOU for pointing this out.
I will try and see how this goes.

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