Remove iframe/Canvas-Embed-Webpage Functionality

The Issue:

I use an application (not mentioning the name here in case it’s a bad look) to block web browser/application access outside of some very select times. It’s similar to Freedom or other similar programs however it’s a lot more customisable and can be set up to be basically completely un-bypassable (at least, for a relatively untechnical person like myself).

The blocking can be either based on specific websites or on specific application itself (ie. just block Chrome itself). I use it to basically block all internet browser access (and some web-based applications) on my laptop outside of a single evening once a week.

What I to be able to do:

I want to still be able to use Obsidian but just not be able to access the internet through the iframe functionality or the “Add Webpage” function in Canvas.

Unfortunately, the blocking program doesn’t “sense” the web page usage to kill the program in the same way it does with Chrome or Firefox etc. The only other way I could use it currently would be to block Obsidan completely outside of the criteria I set up.

I have reached out to the developers and gone through a few options and unforuntately none of them work.

I realise it’s unlikely and maybe a bit sacreligious, but does anyone know of a way to remove this web-page access functionality or some other workaround (short of developing a lot more willpower!)?


It seems like your blocking tool is connected to the web browser of your choice. Such tools can also be connected at a higher level like a firewall for your computer or home network. Either of those would also block Obsidian from reaching outside of your preferred networks.

So go look for something like that. I know they exist, but I’m not up to date on which are the preferred one to use for various operating systems.

I haven’t seen any mention of such a firewall from inside Obsidian, but then again I’m a recent user, and they’ve made all kinds of plugins… But I still believe I would use an external tool for something like this, even if an plugin existed.

In this case, use the browser and do not use plugins like iframe

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