Remove extra space after the last word in a bracketed link

Not sure if feature request or plugin…BUT!

I’ve created a number of bracketed links [[like this]] except with an extra space in the link, [[like this ]]. I’d really appreciate some kind of automation that removed that space for me. It’s a bit annoying to fix if you catch it, because you have to get into the brackets, delete the space, then hit the escape key to get out of the autofill dialog.

But it’s more of a mess if you create a file that has the space and another file that doesn’t.

No idea if this is a problem for anyone else, or if I’m unique in my talent for creating extra spaces by accident.


Hmmm. If you have any way of bulk editing files, a find and replace all over your whole directory using ]] for find and ]] for replace would probably fix this issue. BBEdit and I think Atom would both be capable of this bulk action…