Remove emojis

Things I have tried

I installed the emoji toolbar plugin, put a few here and there primarily on some folders.
I removed the plugin and emojis are still on my folders.
I tried to rename the folders and that works, but when I renamed it back to the original name the emojis came back with it.

How in the heck do I get rid of these emojis on my folders?

What I’m trying to do

Remove emojis from folders.

I’m guessing you need to remove the css used to give you the emojis.

Have you restarted Obsidian, and they still show?

Have you tried re-enabling the plugin, and removing them from within the plugin, before uninstalling the plugin?

If neither of the above works, you need to trace down the css within developers tool and locate the origin and remove it from there.

I restarted and no go. The plugin doesn’t have a way to remove them, only install them. I guess I’ll be digging in the css then.

Uh, how do I get in developer mode?

Ctrl/Cmnd + Shift + I

That’s what I was afraid of. Doesn’t work. I’ll start turning off plugins and see. Thanks for the help.

Which plugin did you install, which you’ve now removed? The one by oliveryh?

I’m in an extremely busy week, so can’t promise I’m able to test and see if I can locate the storage location.

DId you check the .obsidian/plugins folder? Maybe there’s still something in there you could delete.

Yes it was oliveryh. No promises, that’s fine

No I didn’t. But I just now did and found a css snippet for it.
Thanks! Still learning, I’ll get better.

Also, thanks for the css info link.

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