RemoteVault Syncing question

Things I have tried

What I have gathered is the sync process works like this.
At home I have a Vault called home.
At work I have a vault called work.

I have the “origin” Home vault on my home pc and an “origin” work vault on my work pc.
Then I create a “destination” vault (For Home, on my work pc and Work on my home PC) I then create a remote vault for each that keeps these tunnels synced.
I believe that is the process.

What I’m trying to do

I want access to both vaults from either location. But what I’m trying to do is to not have to have the md files form my home vault physically on my work computer, I may need to put in a password to activate the remote vault for syncing, but after syncing those files are now on my work pc and available for anyone with access to that pc to read/view.

So, it’s the creating the Home “destination” vault on my work computer for access to my Home “origin” vault that I am running into a problem with. I don’t want those documents actually on my work computer, past the point I need them for editing purposes.

Is there a way to achieve this within Obsidian without manually (manually deleting or running some sort of script) deleting out the files at the end of the day and then just re-syncing with my Home vault when I come in for my next shift? Also making sure I don’t delete everything from my Home “origin” vault in the process when I delete out files on my work pc at the end of the day.

Or is there something I am missing or mistaken about in the sync process? I think I understand it as this origin/destination and remote vault is the tunnel that syncs them.

First, an alternative that I suggest: You could have a 3rd vault, where you agree to yourself to only keep neutral notes that you wouldn’t mind someone reading. To be safest, assume your employer can read anything you download to your work computer. Keep that neutral vault synced between your workplace and home. And then when you get home, if you need to move some of those notes into your Home Vault, you can.

A vault designed just to shuttle notes back and forth, like an inbox.

Specifically how you’ve suggested, not really. You’d have to do the hack, and disconnect/delete/reconnect/resync every day.

That sounds very tedious, and doesn’t really seem like it would eliminate the possibility that someone could end up accessing the files anyway. It also sounds like a good chance to accidentally delete your entire vault every night. (Not a problem if you keep good backups, but potentially annoying.)

Honestly from everything you’ve said, you should not be downloading your home vault to your work computer, period. Whether there is a technical way to figure out that workflow or not.


Appreciate the quick reply.
My other workaround option was having the link between my cellphone and home computer. Keeping my personal notes access on my phone and not on the physical computer.
Nothing that I’m entirely opposed to having work people see. Moreso just my personal notes lol. Some financial planning, some recipes for cooking. Not critical if anyone at work sees it, just rather not if possible.

Again, appreciate you working that out to me. Having the work vault sync is more important anyway to allow for more fluid transfer of projects between work and home. Having the access to my home notes is just a preference thing I wanted to see if I could make work.

Keeping your personal files off of work computers is completely sensible no matter how private they are. I think using your phone is the way to go.

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