Remotely Save big update

Remotely Save big update

In case you don’t know, Remotely Save is a third-party plugin allowing you sync files to s3 /Dropbox / OneDrive / webdav.

I’d like to introduce a very large update with half of the code having been refactored!

  • More robust deletion sync,
  • minimal conflict handling,
  • no meta data uploaded any more,
  • deletion / modification protection,
  • backup mode
  • new encryption method
  • sync time bugs fixed
  • more to discover!

Manually backup your vault firstly, and enjoy the new version and new features!


Do you plan to support OneDrive for Business?

i would love to, but the main pain point is that i don’t have such account

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You are my hero

How does this new version compare to the fork Remotely Sync? Does it have all the security fixes purported by Remotely Sync?


  1. saying the old version of remotely save having security problem is unfair: the algorithm is exactly the same as openssl enc, so it provides the same level of security protection as openssl enc (with some specific parameters). although that’s well known that the encryption algorithm aes-cbc was old and has some flaws

  2. the author of the fork admitted “some misread” of my codes…

  3. this version of remotely save provides the second encryption format: rclone crypt format, the same format as the famous software rclone. it uses a better algorithm xsala20poly1305 under the hook.

  4. you are welcome to give the new version a try! besides encryption updates, it contains lots of improvements too!

  5. and if indeed you find some security issue, please don’t hesitate to report it to me, i will investigate it as soon as possible. i admit i am not expert of cryptography, and am always looking for better ways for users

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thank you! please consider give it a star on github and recommend it to your friends!

Thank you for the explanation. I wasn’t trying to put you on the defensive; I was just curious how the fork compares to your update.

I’m already using the plugin, and it seems to be working great. Thank you for your work and for keeping this great plugin updated!

I just used this the first time, to connect my iPad and Android phone it worked perfectly z thanks to your manual.

Thank you so much! I’m used to stuff auto-syncing, so there’s the chance I might forget to manually sync.

But this doesn’t diminish my gratitude to you!! Thank you so much!

you can also setup auto sync in the settings. enjoy your journey with remotely save!

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