Remote images caching

Use case:

I am using Obsidian primarily on Windows and Android tablets.
I am creating a catalogue of items with pictures.
I do not want to store large number of images locally because it’s going to use up a lot of precious storage space, duplicating the images on each and every device. Instead I am embedding the images from an external service/server/site.
I would be grateful to learn how caching works in Obsidian.


  1. Where does Obsidian store cached images (file system paths) on
    a) Android
    b) Windows
  2. How long are images cached by default?
  3. How to disable / enable image caching?
  4. How do I refresh a note to reflect changes on the remote machine (a.k.a. refresh the cache) ?
  5. Is there only one universal cache, or are there separate caches for images and other content, for example text?
  6. Is there a way to flush ( empty) the cache? If there are separate caches for images other content (for example text), is there a way to flush these separately, independently of one another?
  7. Is there a better way (syntax) or a better service to embed remote images?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Detailed info

My goal is to minimise storage space usage.
Plus, I’m only going to view a small fraction of (100ds of) notes when I need to recall info on a given item.
Thus I want my images to exist only in one place: on a remote machine or site.

How I experimented

I suspect there is caching happening because I opened a note with embedded image in reading mode,then exited Obsidian.
Then I replaced the remote image with different picture but with the same file name.
I opened the same note again and I saw the old image and not the newly uploaded one.

Syntax I’m using to embed external images:

<img src="" width=70%>


![Tradescantia Albiflora Nanouk](

Information about all you want to know is not disclosed anywhere.
Caches can be purged by the OS on mobile devices.
Finally, you need more storage space.

On a personal note, for all important things I need local copies and do back-up at a GitHub repo.

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