Reminders using dataview

I wrote this command:

    list from "💡Personal/📅dates"
    Where =
    and =

this command reminds me of dates, for example a birthday, I create a note with this command, then I create a note and the title contains the date that I want to be reminded of, but it is not inserted, I did it from the video https:/ / time 7:27 in Russian.
Plzzzzzz help me

We need some example file names. Give us an example of what your note with the query is named, and one example of the file name of a note you want to be reminded of. You’re most likely using the wrong date format, it needs to be in the form 2024-02-19 for to get a value.

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Here’s an example:
a note with this request (dataview) has the title 2000-10-21, and a note without this request has the title 2024-10-21.

Do you get anything if you do the following

from "💡Personal/📅dates"
Limit 10

It should list the first 10 files with a recognised date. If it doesn’t there is something wrong with your folder specification.

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I created a note, entered the date 2006-10-25 and your request and created a note with the same title, but nothing happens

I wrote the LIMIT 10 since I assumed you had loads of files in that category, but if your only two files are the 2006-10-25 and 2000-10-21 then that means that your first query will only display anything in a file named 2024-10-25 or 2024-10-21 (Where the year part could vary).

However, when looking at your screenshots you’re using Personal/dates as the folder, and not the one with emojis, so you need to decide on what is the correct folder name to use and use that in your queries.

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Thank you very much! I figured out what the problem was. When creating a new note with the title ‘2024-10-25’, it was not automatically detected by the code. However, when I pasted the code inside the note, it began to successfully find it. Here is the code

list from "personal/dates"
where =
and =

Thanks again💖

I wanted to ask you, I want the template I selected to be automatically substituted when creating a note, maybe I need a plugin for this? Thank you very much in advance :heart:

Depending on the template and what you want out of it, you could either the core Template plugin, or you could install the Templater community plugin. The latter has much more capabilities, but it do require a little bit of learning to get into it.

Either one should be able to insert a query like the ones above from a default template for new notes. The latter one, Templater, can also change which template it is going to use depending on which folder you create the note in.

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