Reminder Plugin System Notification Not Working

I have the reminder plugin installed on both my mac & my iPhone, I have system notification toggled on for both, & I have the date & time formatting set the same way on both. I get in-app notifications just fine on both, but the system notification only works on my mac.

Even when I set the reminder on my phone, I’ll get the system notification on my mac, but not my phone. Kinda pointless if I can’t get notifications on the go. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Hi @glor, I don’t use the reminder plugin myself, but I see this notice in the FAQ section on its GitHub page:

Notification in mobile (Android/iOS)
System notification in mobile device is not available because Obsidian doesn’t provide the feature.

Link to FAQ below:


Craig’s answer might be all there is to it.

But even if the mobile app did support it, there is also a weird issue where Apple devices try to be “smart” about notifications. For example, if I had Messages logged in on my computer, the computer would swallow all notifications, and no notifications would show up on my phone at all! (including for SMS texts!)

So in the future, if it is supported, sometimes it takes some weird configuration or luck to get it working in various apps.

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