Reminder for deadlines using Dataview

In my Dashboard I have a section for today’s deadlines but I wish create another on as a reminder (i.e. 15 days before the deadline expire).
In the YAML of this kind of notes (all in a folder called Scadenze) there’s a line with
deadline: date_as_dd-MM-yyyy

Can you help me, please?
Thanks in advance

Hi, you could try

TABLE deadline
FROM "inbox/scadenze"
WHERE deadline >= dateformat("25-07-2023", "dd-MM-yyyy") AND deadline <= dateformat("09-08-2023", "dd-MM-yyyy")

or, alternatively

TABLE deadline
FROM "inbox/scadenze"
WHERE date(deadline, "dd-MM-yyyy") >= date("2023-07-25") AND date(deadline, "dd-MM-yyyy") <= date("2023-08-09")

If you want this to be dynamic, you could try something like this:

TABLE deadline
FROM "inbox/scadenze"
WHERE date(deadline, "dd-MM-yyyy") >= date(now) AND date(deadline, "dd-MM-yyyy") <= date(now) + dur(15 d)

Thanks a lot!
This is the solution I’m looking for! Of course I’m using the dynamic since I wish to put this code in my daily’s note template :smile:

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