Remember the configuration of Backlink and Search panes in workspace

When reloading the app backlinks and search settings reset e.g. expand results, case matching, etc.

For example, my preference is to have search results and backlinks collapsed by default, but every time I open the app they are set to expanded.



This is a feature request.

Yep … and one I like. I also like to be shown the filenames only (default to collapsed). It is only 1 click after every restart of obsidian but preferences should be remembered.

Looks more of a basic detail forgotten in the fast pace of development that should be fix than an actual “feature” request but anyway: yes it’s annoying that those preferences aren’t saved.

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Seems that there are possibly two different feature requests here, but correct me if I’m wrong:

  1. Save search results configuration as part of workspace so it is retained when the app is closed.
  2. Save search results configuration as part of saved search in Starred Plugin

I am describing the first one. Saving your search config is the behavior I would expect.

The second one is not necessarily the behavior I would expect, but I could see it being useful in some cases. The problem becomes does clicking on a saved search then update your current search settings?

I’d like to keep this topic focused on the basic idea of persisting your search settings.

Got it. In that case, I updated the topic title with in workspace. For reference, these settings are saved in the .obsidian/workspace file in your vault.

Upvoting that one. This seems like an easy fix & it’s a little annoying that it still hasn’t been dealt with after 2 months

I also would love to see this. I keep my Backlinks tab open all the time and every day have to collapse and sort by last modified. Would love for it to just default to that (or whatever the last setting was).

FWIW, I use this on my daily notes. That way anytime I write a date on any other note I can see it on the day if I’m looking at the daily note (which I ‘live’ in all day).

This is implemented in 0.9.12

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