Released: Scales and Chords plugin

I’m learning piano right now. Looking up pop chords for songs and cross-referencing them with images of how they’re played on the piano has been very frustrating for me! So I wrote a plugin to help me capture songs I’m learning, and to make it easy to look up the chords as I play.

Below, I’ve included an example of a fenced code block that I use to capture songs. Any line that ends in % will be parsed for chords. When the block is previewed, each chord will be made bold and clickable. Clicking on a chord triggers a modal dialog containing an image of that chord (via ScalesChords hence the name). All the unique chords identified in the block will be inlined at the end of the block (so you can open two panes and have them in view).

There’s a setting to load guitar chords too.

Caveats: This is my first plugin, and also I can’t actually play piano very well yet. So let me know what can be improved.

C/E         Dm/F           Em/G      CM7/B %
Blackbird singing in the dead of night
F                 G                   Am    G %
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
F           Fm %
All your    life
C/E             F               Fm         C/E %
You were only waiting for this moment to arise
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Add four spaces before each line. Example

code goes here