Release Notes for Plugins (community) & Themes during updates

Use case or problem

When updating a theme or community plugin, Obsidian currently displays the following information:

  • Current version number
  • Updated version number
  • Option to go to the addon in the community plugins browser

What I would like is that there be some implementation where the user can see the github release details directly in Obsidian.

Proposed solution

Ideal implementation would be navigating to the plugin details on the Obsidian browser and having the release notes displayed there. Similar to how other “App Stores” provide such details.

Current workaround (optional)

Have to navigate to the github repo, linked in Obsidian. Go to releases. Find details there.

Related feature requests (optional)

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You might want to check Plugin Update Tracker plugin, which does exactly that:

  • shows release details on each plugin
  • notifies you what plugins have updates
  • AND allows you to pick what plugins to update instead of updating them all: