Relative path: Link points to a wrong file with same file name

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set New link format to Relative path to file.

  2. Link

    Create a link in file in folder that points to the new file in folder, either by dragging or by link suggestion.

Expected result and the actual result

The link created is expected to point to the new file in folder, but in fact it links to the new file in another folder.

This is related to:


I think this is also related to Create new files from absolute or relative path and disable Default location for new notes setting

There I proposed an alternative way, i.e., to convert all the links in the vault to either absolute, relative, or shortest path links. In this way, whatever the path mode is, the location pointed by the links are definite, and there should not be ambiguity. What’s more, it makes all the links in the vault consistent in format.