Linked Quotes Are Now Linking To The Wrong PDF With The Same Name Since Exporting .MD to PDF - How To Reverse?

What I’m trying to do

I was making notes about a PDF and using the “copy as quote” function, providing linked quotes in my .MD file that I was making the notes in. The PDF and the .MD file had the same name. When I exported the .MD file with the linked quotes in it to a PDF, the links switched and now go to the exported PDF rather than the original PDF I was making notes about.

Things I have tried

I have searched the help section and forum using search terms: PDF, link, wrong file, relink, same name, etc. and haven’t found anything to help.
This doesn’t answer the issue: Relative path: Link points to a wrong file with same file name
Neither does this: Backlinks not appearing

If any of you could help me to return the links to the original PDF that would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

Thanks to the input of someone elsewhere:

  • I backed up the vault
  • Made sure that Obsidian was set to automatically update links in Files and Links settings
  • Copied the name of the PDF that the .MD notes were linking to
  • Renamed the PDF that I wanted the .MD notes to link to
  • Deleted the exported PDF that I didn’t want the .MD to link to
  • Changed the name of the PDF I wanted the .MD file to link to back
    And it worked!

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