Relative line numbers


Please add an option to have relative line numbers. It would make it a lot faster to navigate around a note when using vim key bindings.


This seems to be a way to get it working:


Every vim user needs this!


I wanted to create a Feature Request for this, but searched beforehand for ‘relative line numbers’.

And yes, I also really would like this, please!

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This would be really useful. I hope to have this feature in Obsidian!

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+1. All these great feature ideas on these forums aside, this is still probably my most wanted feature and should be so easy to implement. vim editing only gets really powerful with relative line numbers in my opinion.

I’d like to add another +1 here, this would be great!

+1 This must be the most anticipated request for vim users.

In my opinion after the great plugin for obsidian.vimrc this is the only basic implementation of vim that’s missing to make vim work great with Obsidian.

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thanks for the awesome [email protected] it’s excellent!


Relative line numbers are at least as important as line numbers, when using Vim mode, bc you need a reference to know how far to jump, cut, delete, yank, etc… TOday I went to install the vimrc plugin but noticed it didn’t even support relative line #. I would love to see this get into core obsidian alongside line numbers editor feature.