Register touch points with people in Obsidian

I use Obsidian for Daily Notes and Meeting Notes. I have created Notes for People also.

I would like an easy way to track and register touch points with the people in my organisation to show whether I have any blind spots on who I am engaging with.

I have the following structure in the notes:

Journals/Daily Notes/YYYY-MM-DD-Name of
Journals/Meeting Notes/YYYY-MM-DD-Name of

In the meetings I reference people with a link under Attendees.
In the Journals I might do a journal entry with a link to the person also.

What I wish for is a way to extract an overview with the touch points with some sort of overview of the time also (to see whether I have recurring contact).

It would be really nice if all people from one organization could be in one overview page.


How about using dataview query to create a table listing all people note with the number of backinks to each contact? Then the person who has the smallest number of backlinks (for example less than 5) is the one that you don’t have many interactions

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Great idea.

This is what I did for an overview:

TABLE length(file.inlinks) as Total FROM "People/VIH" SORT length(file.inlinks) DESC

I also want it on an individual level - so I tried this:

table without id file.inlinks where =

However, I am missing the context somehow. Maybe also with a date context?

Is there a way to pull out the paragraph where the person was mentioned - like sometimes would do something like this:


  • Talking to [[This person]] about … #journal/touchpoint

Sometimes like this (using the Tasks plugin):

  • [[This person]] is responsible for …
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