Register as a file handler for .md files on OSX during installation

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install Obsidian
  2. Right clicking on a file should show Obsidian as a file handler.

Expected result

  • There’s an option (hopefully the default) to open the .md file with obsidian
  • Clicking that option will open the file in the context of its vault.

Actual result

  • Obsidian does not show as an option to open markdown files.

Workaround: I have to browse to find the executable to make it default.


  • Operating system: OSX 11.0.1
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.19

Additional information

  • Obsidian does not show up as a handler for md files when I search for the application until I select the dropdown to allow “All Applications”.
  • Zettlr, TheBrain, Bear all do show up.

I can’t speak for the devs, but I can’t imagine how that might work.

In order to register as a handler for markdown files, Obsidian would have to open them regardless of their location in the filesystem. What would happen if we tried to open an .md file that’s not in a vault folder?

At least if it is in a vault, it should find the file and open it.
What I actually wish to have is finding things with Spotlight - which opens them with the default registered app.
So if I look for something in spotlight, and it is in Obsidian, it should open in Obsidian. Not in Atom or vim.
Maybe what I should ask for is the spotlight integration?

Well, if another solution doesn’t come up, my suggestion is a paid app called Alfred. I’ve made a workflow that scratches that particular itch.

This is not a bug but a feature request, mostly for the reasons outlined by @macedotavares