"Regional" graphs (in addition to local and global graphs)

Local graphs are so useful, thanks! I’d love to see this extended a bit, to see a few more connections, without having to see the whole thing. One way of doing that (suggested by others) is to include secondary (and even tertiary) links from a specific page. I’d also really like to see, in a single view, graphs based on a handful of pages (or a folder). One could think of this as a filtered version of the graph of the whole vault, or an expanded view of concepts where one has the sense that there might be connections that one is missing. Not sure how hard it would be to implement this, but really useful, I think.


this is done

Also that bit? Next build?

you can filter to see the graph of a folder

Yes, but I think the point OP is making is that you can’t see depth (connections) of anything you filter. Only connection between common entities are shown in that filter.

I’ve created a new feature request with a use case that may clarify the need better.

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