Regex search workflow

I created a regex search workflow that I would like to share here. This workflow would let you search for and retrieve information within a line using tags, words or links.

Step 1 is to add meta data at the end of a line. I use foot notes formatting so that I can hide the meta data during the preview.

Step 2 is using regex to search within a sentence.

/ (?=.*?#regex)(?=.*?forum)

Why this workflow?
This workflow allows you to have a daily notes workflow that is very close to Roam. Previously it was not possible to write everything in a single note because when I searched for multiple tags, sometimes I got results where the tags matched from multiple lines. The regex search string that I have suggested looks only in a single sentence and matches any order of the words/tags.

Please feel free to let me know if there is a better way of doing this.