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Hi All,

I’m importing a massive doc of vocab words & definitions and I’d like to structure it for better readability in Obsidian. I have almost no regex experience :frowning:

The old setup

Every vocab word starts on a new line followed by a space, a hyphen, and another space. (But not every new line starts a new word.)

Here’s an example of 3 word entries:


How I want it to look after regex

Thank you!

For search use ^(.+) - (.+)
and for replace use #### $1\n$2

Thank you so much. You’ve saved me many hours of manual labor!

Do note that that regex might goble up a lot more than what you potentially want.

Like what would be the result after doing that regex on:

word - another - Something?
This is another test - of that regex. Should this be picked up?
And what about $ 5 - 3 = 2$, is an example of elementary math.

You might want to reconsider, and choose a slightly more stringent regex.

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Something like ^(\S+) - (.+) is a whole lot safer, see regex101: build, test, and debug regex The link shows the regex in action, and displays what it matches, or not.

This matches against non-whitespace characters at the start of the line. In other words, a word not consisting of any whitespace characters (like space, tab, newline, … ).

This would still match whimsical “words” like =")#( - Some combination of non-whitespace characters, but that’s a lot less likely to occur, than a random dash in the midst of a sentence/paragraph.


I agree with holroy. The example I gave you will work fine for the example you provided, but it most likely would produce unexpected results if this were applied to your entire vault.


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