Regarding Sync vs Publish for multiple users

Sync vs Publish

Hello, I apologize if it seems silly, or self-explanatory but I’m a little muddy on what would be best for me and my friends’ application. We want to create a repository of information for a class we’re doing that we can all access, add to, and use - preferably at the same time. I’m just having a little trouble understanding how best to use Obsidian for this. I know Obsidian is a very powerful tool and we’re excited to learn it as we go, we’re just wondering what the best jumping off point would be.

It seems like both Obsidian Sync and Obsidian Publish allow you to invite and work with a team, but Obsidian Publish creates a Web Site that can serve as the repository we want? Where I’m a little unclear is Obsidian Publish allows users to Publish new pages, and Publish changes to published and unpublished pages - but still has to be synced by the owner, or other collaborators? It also has a Live Version that looks interesting and intrigues us, but then does it still need to be constantly synced?

If we don’t plan on publishing this repository, is it better just to use Obsidian Sync? We ideally would like to have no issues all using and adding to the repository at the same time, but I can understand this may cause syncing issues.

I apologize for a wall of text, but any help in layman’s terms would be greatly appreciated.

Extra Credit

I’m looking to invest in a Surface Pro 9 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 - is 8gb of ram going to be enough to multi-task with Obsidian or do I just bite the bullet and spring for 16gb? It’s mostly going to be a school/work device. It seems like with Obsidian Sync, syncing between platforms shouldn’t be an issue either then?

Thank you for reading, let me know if I can be more clear on these topics.

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Sync sharing requires every user to have a Sync subscription, so that may be an issue. Share remote vaults - Obsidian Help

Publish allows users to contribute; the permissions aren’t very granular. A downside is that changes aren’t synced automatically to everyone’s vaults — they have to manually pull them in. The website part can be made private so only the group can access it. Collaborating - Obsidian Help

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