Refresh button to reload markdown files

It would be good to have a refresh button that re-reads the Vault directories. I have a web clipper that saves a markdown file to the directory in Dropbox. The only way I have found to get the note to show up in Obsidian is to close and restart the app. As it does not natively refresh upon a new file added.

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Ah so you can press CTRL-R to refresh the whole UI which is a workaround for now

As you add files, they should show up almost instantly in your Obsidian File Explorer, is that not happening?

I’ve added two markdown files to my vault directory, and neither show up - not after refreshing, nor after restarting Obsidian.

As I was typing this, I realized the files had .txt extensions. When I changed them to .md, they showed up immediately. I guess this is by design? It’s not obvious behavior.

I am having the same problem, sometimes it takes so long to a file get updated. With query blocks it is getting really annoying. Is this Ctrl + R fro refresh really is a thing? How can I refresh? (I am asking because this thread is old and probably a lot has happened since)

This would also help me greatly. I have one subfolder of my vault which I mount an encrypted container to. But every time I mount it, I have to restart Obsidian so it picks up the files that are then in the subfolder.

Ctrl R doesn’t seem to work for me.

Oh actually there is the Reload app without saving action, so you can assign a shortcut to that. It seems to do exactly what was being requested (and maybe Ctrl R is bound to that by default and I removed it?)

ctrl+r was originally the default but that got changed because people were running into problems by hitting it without understanding what it did. You can re-bind it.

I’m having the same problem: after I add a new file Obsidian fails to recognize it. I must first close the app, then re-open it. Extremely annoying. To make things worse, when I try to “reload app without saving”, nothing happens. A nasty one-two combo: fails to reload automatically, fails to reload with function key.

I’m using Windows 11. Could that be relevant?

It’d be also very useful to add a “Save all and reload app” or “Save & reload active file/pane” command. Taking Obsidian Tracker as an use case example, currently when data in a tracker data md file is modified, one has to close the file, reopen it and the restore the pane layout manually, far from neat. As a workaround I now save my file first and then press Ctrl-R to reload, which costs extra keystroke and delay.

Here is a use case for adding a “reload/refresh current page/note” command: I use a screen clipping service called CleanShot. You can copy a window or a portion of your screen, and it will store the image in the cloud and generate a tiny URL. This can take a few seconds. As an optimization, CleanShot makes the URL available immediately so you can paste it into a document (an Obsidian note in this case) before the resource is available in the cloud. If I do that in Obsidian, I will only see the URL (or I will see nothing in Live Preview). I have to select a different note and go back to the original note to see the image. It would be very convenient to have a “refresh page/note” command that would just reload the note and have all my images appear once they are stored in the cloud.

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