Reflectly-Obsidian import plugin idea

Hello all,

I am extremely new to advanced PKM, as well as Obsidian, and Markdown. I have recently integrated many of the apps that I use in my life into Obsidian and Notion. One of these apps, a journaling app called Reflectly, has the option to import all journals in the form of a PDF. As I want to begin journaling in obsidian now, I am presenting the idea of a Reflectly-Obsidian plugin.

Upon export, all Reflectly files appear as such; dates, titles, a happiness scale between 1 and 10 based on the slider shown in the images, (slider plugin ideas <.<), and icons that represent feels as well as keywords (and emojis) that represent what happened in that day. Upon export, each page of the Reflectly journals represented by a day, however, multiple “moments,” as they are called, can occur in a single day. How difficult would it be to create a script that takes this sort of information and converts it into markdown?