Referencing the daily highlight for evening journaling

Things I have tried

![[<%“YYYY-MM-DD”)The highlight for today. %>#]]
<%“YYYY-MM-DD”)#The highlight for today. %>

What I’m trying to do

Include a reference from the morning section with the heading # The daily highlight. inside the evening section of the note to reflect whether or not I have completed what I set out to complete that day.

Please provide some example data, as to what is the names of your notes, and some part of a note showing what you want to achieve. We’re lacking a little bit of information before we can give you a good answer. At least I’m not fully understanding what you want to achieve, and what you’ve tried so far.

The name of the note is today’s date in (YYYY-MM-DD) format.

This is the part I want to reference: (I’m not sure if you can reference something without a heading, so I can add a header, “The daily highlight”, although if not necessary, I’d rather not have it.

So this is the part I want to reference further down the note under a different heading.

The place where the string I have tried is written is where I would want to reference it.

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