Referencing current note YAML in Dataview

Hi all,

I’m new to this but will try to craft my question carefully…

I would like to use dataview to summarise actions from meetings with the YAML header Who: a_different_person_each_time.

So far I have done this which works if I manually include the person’s name in the code.

WHERE !completed AND  Who = "a_different_person_each_time"

What I would like to do is pull the person’t name from the current’t file’s YAML header so I can have a single meeting notes template in which I update the YAML header with the person’s name and it automatically pulls through any actions from previous meetings headed with the same Who:

Is it possible to reference the header from the current file to give something like:

WHERE !completed AND  Who = this.file.Who

Thanks for your help!


What I’m trying to do

Yes and you were so close to getting it on your own!

Try it without the .file. Fields you write yourself are part of the “page” itself in dataview terms, while .file has autogenerated data about the page like name, path, creation time etc.

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Briliant - thank you so much! This works

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