Reference part of note in the Note

Hi all,

I was using a plugin that when you reference a part of note ( < part_of_note >^45fgvg6) and you could paste anywhere in your current note but I cannot find it.
Do you know this plugin or similar one?

Hi, are you talking about referencing blocks? Similar to how it is done in other software. This is now part of Obsidian, you do not need a plugin.

Have a look here in the docs (How to link to blocks).

I don’t know if something changed over the years but given that obsidian is plain text based, this is was, in my understanding rather foreign and was added later and not natively (whatever you want that to mean) supported. I also found it a bit wonky back then with linking equations. It was at least not really intuitive to me.

That is what I was looking for. Thank you