Refactor workspace file to be git friendly

Use case or problem

When I try to sync a workspace via git across different accounts, I keep getting conflicts with the .obsidian/workspace file as it maintains the state of the current workspace.

Proposed solution

I propose that the developers refactor out the bits that change state relative to the open instance into a new config file, one that can be easily be added to a .gitignore file to avoid this issue.

Current workaround (optional)

You could add the whole of the workspace file to the .gitignore, but there is value in syncing these

Note: This use case is mostly an issue if you have two of the same workspace open at the same time in different accounts.

For anybody else who wants a workaround, you’ll need to create a different .obsidian directly for each device and manually update them when you change a part of the workspace environment. for instance. I’ve created an .obsidian.mac and an . But you also need to append the username for each account if sharing on a device.