Reduce publish friction (>30 second to open the modal on large vault)

Use case or problem

I need to wait >30 seconds every time I want to publish

I have >600.000 words, vault is 4.3 GB (including .git)

Proposed solution

Sort of incremental way to check that I have content to publish instead of what I guess you are doing: checking the whole thing every time

Current workaround (optional)


[email protected]:~/Documents$ du -sh brain
7.0G brain

Ok, I reached the timeout limit now. I can’t even publish anymore it always timeout

Any support/fixes yet?

is this still happening?

I’m not sure how to do it, but I reckon one way to solve it would be to move the .git godt out of the vault.

That is, if you managed to rearrange stuff so that the main vault folder was on the same level as the .git folder everything would be a lot better.