Red Graphite - Traffic Lights Fusion

Hi Obsidian users,

I’m trying to fuse up 2 of the community themes I like the most. by SeanWcom
Theme: Traffic Lights (Light/Dark) by Boyd

Basically, I’m trying to get the color theme of Red Graphite into Traffic lights
Unfortunately I’m not a coder and I don’t really like coding. I did not manage to get exactly what I wanted.
I’m going to share my attempt which is still fully functional and good looking. Hoping that someone competent can make a better job.
If not maybe some of you would still enjoy what I did ? :smile:
(The code will probably be looking really butchered for some of you lol :rofl:)
obsidian.css (26.2 KB)


What a coincidence, these are my two favorites as well! Thank you!


IMO this fusion is nicest in dark mode.