Red Graphite Theme

Hi all, I never did create a post for the Red Graphite theme when I first released it ages ago (years?). Unfortunately real life got in the way and updates became low priority for me. But thankfully in the meantime many other developers stepped up and created amazing themes (I’m looking at you Minimal, and a few others). So I never really felt a need to update mine.

However, now that Obsidian has released v1.0 and Red Graphite was completely broken, I decided to at least bring it back to life … a little bit. :slight_smile:

I’ve submitted a PR for the Obsidian folks to review, and once approved (follow along here), it should show up again in the Community Themes list.

I wish I could list off a bunch of amazing features this theme has, but it’s really pretty minimal. I did finally rewrite and break things apart into SCSS files for simpler upkeep, and I did setup the colors so that you can make adjustments to the theme (using the Style Settings plugin), but that’s about the extent of the features.

Here are a few screenshots (and a few more on the Github link).



I like it very much! Thank you

I love your theme, thank you!

I have a question about the horizontal rule element

In dark mode the horizontal rule shows as black, which makes for rather poor visibility.

I would like it to be the same as my accent colour (which can be changed in settings)

As a workaround I created a custom CSS snippet with the code
hr {
border-top: 1px solid #F59E15;
But this only shows my preferred colour in the Live Preview mode.
In the Read mode the horizontal rule-s are still black.

I’m very new at this, could you please advise me how to change the horizontal rule colour so that it is #F59E15 in all views?

Thank you in advance