Recursive/Self References Appears on Backlink Sidebar

Seems like a poor use of screen real estate

Note: Moved this from bug-report to feature-request after learning that links inside headers aren’t really recommended yet.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a [[Templates]] page with a section called ## [[Cafe Reviews]].
  2. Create a [[Cafe Reviews]] page with a link to [[Templates#[[Cafe Reviews]]]].
  3. Open the Backlinks Sidebar on the [[Cafe Reviews]] page.

Actual result

Notice that the top Backlink is a Self/Circular Reference. Seems really strange to see a Backlink to the page we’re already looking at.

Expected result

I expect Backlilnks from other pages. Or at least all the relevant other pages should be shown at the top of the list and send recursive results it to the end of the list. Hard time imagining anyone wanting to click through to the page they are already on.


Operating system: Windows 10
Obsidian version: v0.6.0
Using custom CSS:

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Since posting, backlinks-dont-appear I’ve learned that placing links inside of headings is not recommended. So maybe this is low priority unless that changes.

Associated post:

This needs more attention. For me, almost all of my notes link to themselves multiple times making the backlink sidebar essentially useless.