Recurrent jobs dataview table


I would like to make a table of recurring jobs with reminder dates of when to do each task.

Job examples as separate notes

  • Clean the bathroom
  • Wash windows…

Each job would have metadata like this;

- Last Done:: 2022-01-25
- Postpone:: 1 day
- Do Date:: `=this.last-done + this.postpone + this.frequency`
- Frequency:: 1 day
- Area:: Living room
- Who:: t

And then my “Household Chores” note has a dataview table that is something like this;

TABLE WITHOUT ID AS Task____________________, do-date, choice(who = "t", "Ted", "Jane") AS Who___, last-done AS "Last_Done", Frequency, Postpone, Area AS Area_____
FROM #Household_Chores

My question;

  • when rolling up fields from the SOURCE notes, the inline queries with this.field are attempting to run on the current page ie the master “Household Tasks” note.
    • So in essence, it’s not rolling up, for me it is inappropriately over-riding the data from the SOURCE notes.
  • I could get around this by using the source note name in the inline field, but that would make the code cumbersome to copy from one note to another.

  • see in the “Change bedsheets” note, the do-date is 2022-01-25, but this date is not recognised.

Thanks so much for considering, mnvwvnm :wink:


Do you use Templates or Templater to create this notes or to introduce the metadata fields list?
If yes, then replace all “this” by (for Templates) [[{{title}}]]:

- Do Date:: `=[[{{title}}]].last-done + [[{{title}}]].postpone + [[{{title}}]].frequency`

If you don’t want to change anything (except the bedsheets, of course), make the calculation directly in your query:

last-done + postpone + frequency AS do-date
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Thank you, of course, that will do the trick nicely!

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