Recommended methods for backlinking and organizing notes

Fellow users,

I get how Obsidian is supposed to be used but I find the concept of back linking a little overwhelming. A lot of people in their posts seem to suggest that there’s a wrong way of going about it, and that there’s also a right way of using this feature.

I’ve tried starting with Obsidian a couple of times and have realized that my methodology isn’t exactly the best. Here’s one of the approaches I took in the past that didn’t really seem to jive with me - I tried creating a day note using the extension, and in this note I would write down the links to events/meetings that were useful to me. Then in each one of the meetings, I’d put down my detailed notes for it. However, over time, I realized that my weekly meetings had no easy way to be reviewed all together. It all seemed very disjointed.

For this reason, I’m convinced that it’s not simply about getting started but also about getting started in the right fashion.

Could you guys share your tips with me? Or maybe you can share what has failed for you in the past?

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