Recommended beginner videos that are brief and to the point?

Hi - I’m a new and paying user, and would love to get my head into Obsidian quickly. I have the sort of brain where I really just need to get in there and start playing around, so really just looking for an overview intro video. The videos I’m seeing on Youtube are all crazy long and seem pretty detailed (which I acknowledge is what one tends to find on Youtube…)

Hi there, I’m a beginner too, and even though I happily dived into the “crazy long” videos (BIG thank you to all posters sharing this with us!) I believe I can recommend this video from @filipedonadio.

I admit it’s still a 24 minutes lasting watch, but if you want to get toured through useful feautures within the least amount of time this is one not to skip. The amount of tips justifies its length I would say:) Good luck on your journey!


I really liked @nickmilo’s beginner Obsidian tutorials. You don’t have to watch them all in one sitting and you could start messing around with Obsidian as you watch the tutorials.


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