Recommendations on using the Book Search plugin

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I have recently come across the book search plugin, and would like to ask those who have used it to evaluate the template I have created for it, so as to receive suggestions for any other tags to include in the YAML, and to ask for any suggestions about whether I should arrange the book-notes in any designated folders. For example, individuals who describe the template ( in videos such as this one Tracking Books with Obsidian Book Search - YouTube at 1:11) seem to often include a tag to indicate that the note used is a book, or they utilise a folder ( as shown here Book Library - How To Track Books in Obsidian - YouTube) within which to place book notes.

My template on the other hand looks like this:

And my book notes are arranged like this, as you can see in the graph view,

Such that there are particular folders where I place books according to subject (though occasionally I will link books to categories where I believe they do overlap, so a book in Economics Literature may be linked to Sociology Literature, for example)

As you can see from the graph view photo, in the book search plugin I have not designated a file within which I place my book notes.

Does anyone suppose that there any long-term problems that will arise from such a setup, assuming that there exist certain kinds of useful queries which I shall be unable to do if I don’t use a book tag or book folder? Are there any other recommendations for the Dataview fields I should utilise?

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Can you share the reasons why you do not want to tag the book note as a book?

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