Recognizing external links when replacing them with internal links

this feature request i a little awkward, since the linking and especially the back-linking capacities of Obsidian are great!
Still, there might be a little something which could be improved (and I have yet found no workaround for this):

My Use case:
I am building a vault for studies. To provide me with an overview of concepts, terms, theories and people of the different fields, which I use then as starting point for my own ideas and reflections, I often download md-files of articles e.g. from Wikipedia. This way, I have a number of internally connected articles of which some are on my harddrive and some are still external. To spare me the constant switching from obsidian to my internet-browser and back, I like to replace the external links with internal ones. That’s quite simple with the Back link feature of Obsidian. Or is it?

In the Back-link pane one can see all the instances where other notes might link back to the note I am working on (unlinked mentions). But if there are Wiki-links in the form “[display term].(URL)” (point is for display reasons only!), Obsidian replaces the display term (inside the square brackets) with the internal link. What is worse (and I know, this is by design): Wikipedia also adds the page title after the URL. As a result Obsidian offers 2 times the same term in the same link. This way you have to be very careful (and well-sighted), not to have 2 internal links in the same external link instance. This would be a minor nuisance, but if you work with more notes you might spend more time “cleaning up” links than on thinking in your vault.
So my feature proposal is this:

Feature Request:
Would it be possible to make Obsidian replace the full external link with the internal one when using the link-panes? I figure this might also reduce some of the index-overhead. And, since Obsidian recognizes Wiki-Links ([term].(URL)) by design, this might be not too difficult to achieve.

In connection with this: Maybe it is not so bad an idea, to make Obsidian single down connections between notes to ONE link only. Having (in possible cases) 20 links between two notes doesn’t seem to me to serve a purpose, since there is (now) no tool to evaluate the strength of a connection by these means. But I might be wrong in that. Still: maybe there is a way to offer this as an option.

Sorry, if this has been a long request.

Anyway thanks a lot for this wonderful and inspirational software, which i - in retrospect - missed very much during my time at university! Thank you all!!