Recognize properties automatically, or convert existing text into properties

Use case or problem

Before having the Properties feature, I have used espanso to quickly insert a header with some metadata into a note. For example:

Added: [[2023-09-01_Friday]] 11:50
Week: [[2023-35]]

I would like to have these metadata to be recognized as properties automatically

Proposed solution

I think either you can automatically parse properties when the text is pasted from the clipboard, or you can add a command to convert a pasted string into properties.

We do recognize things automatically if they are in proper yaml format. What you wrote isn’t.

mine aren’t getting recognized either. i can’t tell where the yaml format error is. any help would be appreciated, thank you!

	- zines
	- zinejam
	- hares
	- mythology
	- words

EDIT: oh i figured it out. it seems that the properties recognizer is sensitive to whitespace. in my case, i had to replace the tab characters with spaces (two spaces).

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