Recipe sheet

Good morning, here is a template that I have finished for cooking recipes. It is made up of 2 parts. On the one hand, there is the template that is invoked from templater, which is housed in the templates folder.

On the other hand, I have a script that is hosted in another folder called scripts, which is a normal note, and that the template invokes when executed (1.4 KB) (909 Bytes)

I am working on more scripts that are invoked in this template and make filling it in easier and faster.


I love it!
I’d love to see some more of your work, or even a vault template!

Thanks for this, something to ponder about :slight_smile:

Thank you, I appreciate it, I’m improving a couple more crypts, and as soon as I finish I will try to upload a clean vault with the kitchen, contacts and travel templates, which are the 3 that I have used as practice and then create my structure for my brain. digital

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That sure would be apreciated greatly!

Thought this might be helpful. I found a couple DataView queries from the DataView documentation that are pretty cool for finding related/similar recipes. You would need to insert each ingredient into the Properties section though.

I had ChatGPT come up with a list of about 300 commonly used ingredients, added the list as a single note to my vault, and I use the Metadata Menu plugin so I can select multiple ingredients from that list whenever I create a new recipe.

Then, the DataView queries search for any other recipes that share the same ingredient(s) as the current recipe.

Here are a couple screenshots of it and a picture of the metadata I use and the actual queries:

	rows.ings AS "Shared Ingredients"
FROM #🍽️/recipe 
WHERE ingredients
FLATTEN ingredients as ings
WHERE contains(this.ingredients, ings) AND !=
	ings AS "Shared Ingredient", 
	count AS "Recipe Count", AS "Recipes"
FROM #🍽️/recipe 
WHERE ingredients
FLATTEN ingredients as ings
WHERE contains(this.ingredients, ings) AND !=
FLATTEN length( as count

The way you’ve organized it into two parts is really clever and practical. Having the template and script separated but working together seamlessly is a smart move for efficiency. I also appreciate how you’re thinking ahead and considering adding more scripts to streamline the process even further.

As I was exploring the template, I thought adding some visual cues like color coding could enhance its usability. Just a small suggestion to make it even more user-friendly.

On another note, I gave that pico de gallo recipe a try last night, and it was a hit! Thanks for sharing it alongside the template. It’s clear you’re dedicated to making kitchen tasks easier and more enjoyable for everyone.