Recently created or edited files group for graph view

Use case or problem

The graph view is a good way to quickly scan the whole vault. I color code certain notes to draw my attention to those of interest, such as hub notes, which are themselves frequently used and are landmarks to find notes I want to look at. However, as the vault grows larger, this still has limitations.

  • Recently created notes

In the beginning stages of exploring a new topic, I’m generally not sure how the note will connect to other notes, and I would not have worked enough with it yet to create or include it in a hub. Trying to find a couple loose notes in a large graph view is extremely difficult right now.

It is made worse when my life means I need to take time away from my notes, when I return, I’m much more likely to forget completely which new notes I wanted to develop and create more connections for. I have many orphaned, half-baked notes because of this.

Being able to directly color code a “recently created” group would make it very easy to find even loose, underdeveloped notes in the graph view, and remind me more reliably of new notes that may need more work before moving on to other things.

  • Recently edited notes

Even for notes on developed topics, the current method ends up involving more scanning and clicking than is necessary if we had an option to directly color recently edited notes on the graph view. Most likely I am editing a note I’ve recently edited anyways, or otherwise at least a note related to a recently edited note. It helps productivity a lot over time to cut out the extra steps by making these notes very easily identifiable directly, rather than indirectly trying to find them based on the positioning related to more easily identifiable notes nearby.

  • Other uses

An alternate use is to have a visual indication of your recent effort/expansion in various parts of the vault. You could see quickly which topics/areas you spend the most time working with lately or which parts of the vault are growing the fastest.

It also serves as a really good catalyst for getting back into note taking if you’ve stopped for a while. Instead of opening the vault and not remembering enough to even know where to start, you can just open the graph view and instantly get an idea of where you left off to start note taking again.

Proposed solution

On the graph view filter options, add a group option query to color code ## number of the most recently created notes. Let the user specify the number.

On the graph view filter options, add a group option query to color code ## number of the most recently edited notes. Let the user specify the number.

Optionally, another group option for the files edited/created within the last ## number of days could also be useful for similar purposes. Although I’m not sure I’d personally use it.

Current workaround (optional)

You can look up recently opened notes with quick switcher, which works in many cases of normal use too. In some ways it can be better by showing the names more clearly than in graph view. Although, it will be overwritten if you look at too many other notes between working with the recently edited/created notes. It also can’t give you a picture of how your vault is developing like graph view can.

You can use tags as well to accomplish this, but this requires effort on the user’s part, since you manually need to track and edit the tags for each recent file. I have tried this and quickly found it to be too time consuming and relies too much on me remembering to do it at all. The proposed solution would take care of it automatically and make this sort of tracking worth it.

Related feature requests (optional)

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