Recent notes section

Recent notes section though maybe as a plugin ala starred


This will be a very useful plugin

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Same, I want this. By default, the sort order from last edited does this. However, the notes are grouped by folder.

I want to see my recently edited notes regardless of which folder they are in.

For example, on my phone, I added one line in my “Writing MOC” note. A few hours later in my laptop, I thought of something and want to add more to that note. My mind defaults to the latest notes I touched. Sort of like adding a post it note on your desk and looking for it at that spot in your desk to amend it.


A recent notes overview also might it easier to get back into the workflow. For instance, on Monday it’s helpful to see which notes you worked on last Friday (assuming someone didn’t work on his or her notes over the weekend). A list of the 10 most recent notes helps with this.

+1 for a Recent notes section in File Nav area. It could be placed right next to the ★ section, here’s a mockup:



Just following up, in case anyone who finds this isn’t aware: @tgrosinger created a plugin that does exactly this. Works a treat:

tgrosinger/recent-files-obsidian: Display a list of most recently opened files


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