Recent Files plugin doesn't sync list between devices

I have the plugin Recent Files by Tony Grosinger running on the iphone app, and also windows desktop Obsidian.

I am using Obsidian sync, but don’t see that this list is synchronized and wonder if it’s by design or am I missing something. Sure be nice to have!

It’s not meant to be syncing. In fact, if you install the plugin, it won’t show you the lastly opened files, it just starts working after you installed it.

Maybe a Dataview query will work properly (check the forum) for this use case.

There’s some discussion here you could have a look at:

is syncing on the roadmap? It would be nice to have when using multiple devices…

ah, I see I posted this a several months ago. Forgot about that. In my regular working in Obsidian on two devices I keep bumping against the lack of real time syncing of files I’m currently working in. I think it would be a workflow enhancement for many?