Really new user - really confused

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I have just tried downloading obsidian, and there was a question around linking applications, which i clicked on. So instead of the page where it asks to create a new vault, i just have all my apps from my mac listed on the left hand side. I can’t create a new vault as it shows in the youtube videos, so I’m a bit lost. I tried deleting and reinstalling obsidian, but it just keeps reverting to the first download. I’ve gone into my library to delete from cache etc. but it doesn’t show anything, nor does it show anything in ‘finder’ (I’ve deleted everything i can find with the ‘obsidian’ name from my files in other words). I’m keen on figuring this out, but seem to be stymied before i’ve even begun! Help!

Start with a tool that will delete all associated files. A review on my machine for example with CleanMyMacX shows this

Remove Obsidian this way, remove the vault folders, and restart your computer. Re-install Obsidian.

Do only the minimum that you need to have a version of Obsidian that runs.

Report back. Take screen shots and post them.


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