Readwise sync best practices?

I’ve recently been using Readwise (and its reader) to sync my highlights with Obsidian. I find it to be a great service, however before I set my archive coordinates I would like to hear about any tips or best practices for keeping everything in order. For example: Readwise has a handy page for setting the output of files to Obsidian, such as rename? Titles, book_id? Have you made any other changes? Do you insert YAML front matter?


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I was hoping for some responses to this question. I love Readwise and use it for processing most of my reading, but I am floundering with developing a frictionless workflow integrating Readwise into Obsidian.

its not for readwise but I found this zotero + obsidian setup interesting - it might give you some ideas?

I actually don’t have a readwise subscription but its on my todo list! I was thinking I would set up a system where my quotes reference a main source note that lives in my references folder