Readwise Summary page via Query?


just getting to know Obsidian I’ve setup the Readwise Plugin and have now my Articles & Books in the Readwise Folder.

Is there a way to setup a Readwise Page which automatically lists all Articles & Books (ideally grouped) via a Query? I tried with the Dataview plugin and a simple query from the example section but it runs into an error:

table Full Title, Author
from "Readwise"


Dataview: Error:
– PARSING FAILED --------------------------------------------------

1 | table Full Title, Author
| ^
2 | from “Readwise”

Expected one of the following:

‘*’ or ‘/’ or ‘%’, ‘+’ or ‘-’, ‘,’, ‘>=’ or ‘<=’ or ‘!=’ or ‘=’ or ‘>’ or ‘<’, ‘and’ or ‘or’, /AS/i, /FROM/i, EOF, FLATTEN [AS ], GROUP BY [AS ], LIMIT , SORT field [ASC/DESC], WHERE

What I’m trying to do

We need to see the full query including the code block fence, aka the lines with the backticks.

So please include everything and surround that with four backticks, ````.


in the Note it looks like this:


I just took an example from the plug-in and exchanged the columns and folder.

Much depends on the structure of the metadata. One issue is with Full Title. It is possible to have a space in a key, but it is easier not to.

Copy the text below into a new note (using paste and match style to preserve the layout) with the opening three hyphens on the first line of the note and you should see that this sample YAML and Dataview note works.

FullTitle: A Novel
Author: A Writer
Tag: readwise

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Thank you very, very much! This works by using the Tag and your Query - need to learn this but this is the solution!

Highly appreciated @eightning :pray:

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